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Hey, glad you could make it. I'd like to get to know you, so stick around, see what I'm up to, and join the conversation. Let's share some thoughts and ideas. And don't forget to find me on twitter. http://twitter.com/bradleygsmith

Current Projects

My Affiliate Marketing Experience

A little bit about my internet marketing experience. I'm an avid reader when it comes to wealth generation. I've also purchased a lot of courses and software.

Best Videos of 2010

OK, so I'm a little late. We're halfway into January 2011. And, these videos weren't necessarily made in 2010. But, my friends and I watched these videos at different points throughout 2010. And that's why they made the Best Videos of 2010 playlist. We compiled a playlist of these videos so we could watch these at our New Year's Eve Party and reminisce. I hope that you enjoy.

My Current Reading List

Been busy reading lately. I've got a ton of books on my reading list. And it seems like I get about 80% of the way through a book and then another one drops in my lap. Will I ever finish? I've actually got a few more than the ones listed here, but I use these as reference often.
So here's my breakdown:

Web Copy That Sells -Maria Veloso
Maria Veloso was trained by Mark Joyner. That in itself says something, but beyond that, she breaks down creating a sales letter brilliantly.

Twitter Marketing for Dummies -Kyle Lacy

Wordpress Plugin (All Category SEO Updater)

Working on a Wordpress plugin. It is in beta.

The new plugin is called All Category SEO Updater. It works in tandem with the All In One SEO Pack and it allows you to update category titles, meta descriptions, meta keywords, h1 text, and category descriptions.

Site Is Live!

Welcome to bradleygsmith.com! I just got the site online. My plans for the site include the following:

Daily Blogs

Come back soon and see what's new!

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